Out with the old, in with the new

Life is busy in every aspect, hence no update for a long time again. Still lacking that routine.

A belated happy new year! 2011 was a slow year for games in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have the time, or maybe I’m just becoming too difficult to please and a little fed up with the gaming industry taking two steps forward, and about five steps back when it comes to my gaming preferences.

For Christmas I received  RAGE and Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar in terms of gaming. RAGE is very good, but more like a poor mans Borderlands. I’m very much enjoying it, but can’t really spend more than a couple of hours on it before becoming, not bored, but a little frustrated with the ‘Go here and get this, then come back again’ quests. The racing is excellent, but it feels as though the game tries to split itself in two. One minute it’s a FPS with mutants and evil factions out to get you, and the next minute it’s a racing game with weapons and upgrades for your dune buggy. It’s like Bethesda tried to cram so much into the game, that they didn’t notice that some of it had spilt out of the sides like salad escaping from a sandwich when it came to release.

Post apocalyptic wasteland? Seems familiar.

Post apocalyptic wasteland? Seems familiar.

Grand Bazaar is a very big step in the right direction in my opinion for the Harvest Moon franchise in my opinion though. It works a lot better on the DS than previous releases, and I can actually just use the buttons and D-pad, leaving the stylus to just be chewed on (which to be fair, is all it’s good for most of the time). It takes a while to get going, and because it’s so different this could put people off, but getting rid of the pointless stylus commands is one of the best moves the franchise has ever made. Harvest Moon games are meant to be simple, and use the control pad. None of this silly stylus nonsense and tickling horses (Yes, it sounds wrong, and it is).

Aside from those games, as I said 2011 was a bit ‘meh’ for me, in lack of a better way to put it. I always find though that at the beginning of every year about three or four games come out all at the same time, all of which I want to give all my attention to. This year these games are; Final Fantasy XIII-2, Catherine and Soul Calibur 5. These three games come out essentially the same week. This is ironically the week of my reading week for uni. Not only are all these games coming out, but the man is also coming to stay during the timeframe they are all being released in. Maybe I can distract him with shiny cars…

They just have to do the dramatic pose...

They just have to do the dramatic pose...

To be fair I have missed the new Assassins Creed and Batman, but anyway! Hopefully this year will be better for gaming. Catherine will satisfy my quirky taste, Final Fantasy should satisfy my JRPG craving, and Soul Calibur, well, that’s just a classic. Needless to say I am excited for next month, but i am also slightly scared of the hammering that my bank balance is going to take. I so wish my birthday was closer to the beginning of the year so I could just request games as gifts from people instead. What on earth will I play once February is out of the way though…

And on one final note, Kairosoft are continuing to steal my money and my soul. Mega Mall Story was released a short while back, causing my eyes to light up, making me lose all sense and press ‘Pay and download’ far too quickly. I have played it twice now, soon to initiate a third, but am still eagerly awaiting another surprise Kairosoft game to launch on Android. Too much mobile gaming excitement. Now, back to uni work.


Gamer girl goes squee!

People either listen to me when I rant, or I have an uncanny ability to make things happen with my ramblings. I like to think it’s the latter so I can feel like I have magical like a mage from Final Fantasy.

Remember my previous blog post and my rant about not having Tiny Tower on Android? Well, the man in his infinitely awesome geekiness provided me with much happiness on Sunday night with the announcement that Tiny Tower had in fact made its way to Android. It was only right to have a bit of a spasm, make my way to the Android market place and download it as quickly as I possibly could. I didn’t think it was possible for me to make the noises of glee that I did, but the man can vouch for that as he was on the phone to me at the time.

He may look bored, but really he loves building endless towers.

After having just under 24 hours with Tiny Towers I can say I am in love. I have 7 floors, 10 bitizens and I’m trying not to get too addicted before Friday otherwise I will simply lose my soul to it and not do any uni work. It is truly awesome though, my favourite type of Sim game where I have to restock, sell things, restock, add more people etc. Yeah, you’ve got to wait around a lot and it will take a while to get going, but that’s not the point! Take all my battery power Tiny Tower, it’s yours for the taking.

On a different note though, I think I’ve decided I’m going to buy Skyrim on Friday as a reward to myself. Asking family about it and reading stuff about it online it does look really good. There appear to be a lot more Fallout mechanics in it than Oblivion, so I’m pretty much sold on that angle. I just want something to really immerse myself in, and I don’t really think there’s anything else out right now that will do it for me quite like Bethesda do. Plus I just wanna kill some dragons like a badass mofo.

I will end you.

A new Dragon Age game would be nice, so I can muck about with the character mechanics in that, but that’s gonna be a long time coming from EA I think.

My Pokemans, let me show you them

So I promised everybody I would keep things up to date in the new year. I’ve failed a little bit haven’t I? Blame my job. I won’t go into details, but i’m busy in the worst possible way at the moment. I have found some time for gaming though!

For those living under a rock, these joyfull looking things are the starter Pokemon in the sparkly new Pokemon games on the DS. That’s right folks, this gamer girl has been playing Pokemon this week and reliving her childhood. It has been simply wonderful. I’m finding it significantly harder than previous games I do have to admit, but I am 11 years out of practice. That’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it! I’ve even found a statue of Pikachu in an early town to make the reminscing even more awesome. The only pain is that I can’t connect to the internet on my DS to access all the online content.

I did feel a little bit like a child again before I realised that a lot of gamers my age, and older, are doing exactly the same as me, and with no shame! I’ve even been taking my DS to work with me to get in some grinding sessions in my lunchbreaks. Nothing quite like office ridicule for playing a Pokemon game at the age of 21.

In stark contrast to the cuteness that is Pokemon however, when I find the time this weekend I shall be sinking my teeth into the new Dragon Age. I played the demo and loved it. Didn’t complete it but that’s because I simply didn’t have the time.

I didn’t really enjoy Dragon Age Origins that much, aside from Zevran and his sharp wit, but Dragon Age 2 looks a lot better, with definitely improved conversation mechanics and stunning graphics. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I want to be a bad guy, but every time I tell myself that I end up feeling guilty and being sickeningly nice to everybody. Time shall only tell. Maybe I can be the sarcastic one, just like I am in real life.

So, it’s my birthday

Thought I had better let everyone know where on earth I have been over the past week or so. Life has been busy due to my becoming 21 today, sorting out my party on Saturday, and staying with relatives over the weekend. I haven’t even had time to play much of Fallout New Vegas, and that arrived a week ago today! I have been bombarded with a collection of PS games to have a mooch at as well, so hook me up to a gaming drip for the next month. Assassins Creed Brotherhood is happening in the middle of November, so I need to crack out and bash out my New Vegas Review which will be uploaded here a week after it has had it’s run on TIMJ. I’ve also been given 2100 MSP from the parents, so those will be going on the Claptrap DLC for Borderlands, and the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption. So many games, so little time!

A proper post when birthday celebrations have come to an end and I have both the time and sobriety to write something interesting and comprehensive. To end, have a picture of myself, my delightfuly large badge from work and Fable 3 which arrived today. Good times? I think so!

This Month’s Hottest Releases

Rock Band 3 – 29/10/2010

I’ve never played a Rock Band game and am definitely more of a Guitar Hero sort of girl, but I am intrigued by this latest instaltment. The setlist looks pretty damn good, and well, I just want to see what all the fuss is about! Oh, and it’s apparently got a keyboard peripheral. Sure, it’s got a hell of a lot more songs than Guitar Hero, and it may have a far more eclectic mix of songs to rock out to, but we shall see. It has Avenged Sevenfold on it, but I need a little more convincing than just one song to get me to buy it. Rock Band 3 will be hitting the shelves at the end of October.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II – 29/10/2010

It will have been two years since Star Wars the Force Unleashed graced our TV screens at the end of the month when we see the return of this darker view of our favourite Jedi & Sith buddies from the Star Wars universe. Unleashed II promises more over the top powers, and looks to be extremely action packed, so get your lightsabers at the ready, and unleash the force in time for Halloween!

Enslaved – 8/10/2010

After playing the demo of this for the first time today, I can safely say that Enslaved is looking like it’s going to be a seriously good game. If I can get past the slightly luggish movement of the main character, this action platformer looks like it’s going to be a whole bunch of frustrating yet enjoyable gameplay. Set in a post apocalyptic city, the plot even looks reasonable from the demo. If you like platformers, shiny new graphics and post apocalyptia, then grab Enslaved at the end of the week.

Fallout New Vegas – 22/10/2010

I really hope this is going to be my game of the year. Fallout 3 was one of my favourite games of all time, and even though this looks like much of the same I can honestly say I have no problem with that whatsoever. Improved guns, comedy moves and cross dressing super mutants, what more do you need in a post apocalyptic game? Those keen for a bit more of a romp around the wastelands, you will only have to wait until the end of the month to get stuck in. 

Vanquish – 22/10/2010

The Russians are yet again getting it in the neck in Third Person Shooter Vanquish. I played the demo of this a while back, and was quite impressed with what I played. It was only short, but I won’t go into a rant about how short demos are becoming, not yet anyway. Visually, the game looks like Halo meets Transformers, and seriously action packed. Vanquish is going head to head with New Vegas on release date, so choose your game wisely.