November Wishlist

November is a month full of action in terms of game releases, and there’s three big games that I’ve been wanting for a long time. The wait will soon be over, and this is what I want to get my hands on this month.

Watch Dogs

I’ve been excited about this ever since I saw the first trailer. I love the idea of holding so much power in your hand, that you can shut down an entire power grid. It looks to be an excellent statement on the current technological state of the world, and I can’t wait to start hacking my way into people’s lives, and shutting down street lights to make my quick escape. EDIT: At the point of me writing this post, the game was coming out in November. It has not been postponed until March/April.


Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassins Creed III was terrible. There, I said it. I found it to be perpetually dull, and I have no desire to go back to it so I can finish it. However, Assassins Creed IV takes one of the good parts of Assassins Creed III and makes it a focal point of the game. I don’t think any character will ever compare to Ezio, but Kenway looks like he could be a likable pirate. I won’t give up in the series just yet, but ACIV has a lot to prove.


Need for Speed Rivals

Anything is better than the poor offering that was the most recent Most Wanted game. It had a terrible multiplayer, and all the cars were unlocked from the beginning so it lacked challenge. I love Hot Pursuit, so Rivals looks to please that part of me that lusts for a similar concept. Recently announced was the addition of undercover cops as well, which will add an interesting dynamic when playing. I just want to race super cars around epic tracks, and I welcome the carnage of trying to take down the cops so I can win the race. I foresee many hours of multiplayer with the man on this one, and I seriously cannot wait.



October Wishlist

October looks to be a quiet month for video game releases for me, which is typical as it’s my birthday at the end of the month. However, there are a couple of titles that have caught my interest.

Beyond Two Souls

Ignoring all the silly controversy over whether or not Ellie in The Last of Us is meant to look like Ellen Page, Beyond Two Souls really does intrigue me. I know very little about it, and I want to keep it that way. What I do know is that it appears to be about the main character, Jodie, having to share her mind (and body?) with another entity, and that could make for a really exciting journey. Looking at all the trailers, it looks dramatic, traumatic, and action packed, and I hope that I get to be a big part of the action, and not just an onlooker. I enjoyed Heavy Rain, so I’m expecting big things from Ellen Page.


Pokemon X/Y

I’ve found a new appreciation for the Pokemon series since I bought Pokemon Black on my DS Lite. I enjoyed going back to it so much, that I have become quite excited every time they release a new Pokemon game, and now that I own a 3DS I’ve got a lot of excitement for the next entry in the classic Japanese series. I like the fact that I can get closer to the action than ever before, and the characters look amazing. They’ve really gone to town on the look and feel of the game, so October can’t come fast enough.


September Wishlist

I love and loathe September. I love it because it’s that time of year where games are slowly starting to get drip fed to us, but I loathe it because I won’t have time due to going back to university. Nevertheless, I can still want games, and these are the games I want to pick up the most this month.

The Last Of Us

Okay, so this one came out a while ago, but that can’t stop me from wanting it this month, right? I played a little bit of this at a friend’s house when I was visiting family, and I have to say I liked what I saw. The whole zombie concept is getting a bit dull now in my opinion, but the enemy design in The Last of Us looks so unique that I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I check at least every other day to see if the price has gone down, but I’m still waiting. It’s frustrating that I haven’t been able to play many people’s Game of the Year yet, but I believe that it will happen soon.


Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

It was bound to make the list. If you don’t know of my love for Harvest Moon, I’m sure these next few sentences will make it clear. I’ve been playing the Harvest Moon series for probably 14 years or more. I apologise if that’s an over exaggeration, but my earliest memory of playing it was when I was on holiday in Jersey with my parents, and if I couldn’t go swimming in the pool, I was sat in the hotel room with my Gameboy/Gameboy Advance playing Harvest Moon. There’s something just so addictive about making sure your crops are watered, and making sure they don’t die. Nevermind Farmville, Harvest Moon is where it’s at.

Anyway, we’ve seen a few 3D Harvest Moon titles in the past, but for me they failed miserably for one simple reason; they were on home consoles. I could never get the hang of it, and they tried to make them into a little RPG at the same time, which I don’t like. However, A New Beginning looks stunning, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m sure that it will be battling for my love with Animal Crossing, and we’ll see who wins on that one.


Tales of Xillia

I know, this one came out in August, but I still want it, and the Tales Of series has become one of my favourites, I’ve got to say. It’s no Final Fantasy, but it’s a good alternative JRPG and they always have decent plots. I’ve noticed a problem with JRPGs on the PS3 though, and that’s that they’re too damn expensive, and they stay that way for quite some time. They’re like gold dust, especially the Atellier series which is far too expensive for the reviews they receive. Regardless, I’m not paying £44.99 for Tales of Xillia. I’m waiting for it to come down to around £30. It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth it, but if I bought every game I wanted at release price, I wouldn’t be able to eat.



I’ve been bitterly disappointed in GTA since Vice City if I’m honest with you. I found San Andreas to be dull, and I found IV to be frustrating, and also at times dull. I’m intrigued by the multi character layers in GTA 5, and it looks like they’ve really pushed the boat out this time. Not to mention the leaked map looks absolutely colossal. I truly do miss running around and causing chaos, and having three playable characters to do that with really excites me. Roll on September 17th.