After being headhunted via this blog, I started working for This Is My Joystick in September 2010. During my time with This Is My Jostick, I had many opportunities to attend press events, as well as recieve promotional copies for review. Please find all examples of my work for This Is My Joystick here. Experience includes reviews, previews, editorial and features.


My time with Megabits of Gaming was brief due to website shutdown, but rewarding. During my time with Megabits of Gaming, I contributed several opinion feature pieces, as well as an in depth gaming review.


During my time with the student magazine, I took on the role of Gaming Guru, and Games Editor. The latter role required me to provide student-focused games content on a regular basis for both the print publication and online platforms, as well as proof reading contributors’ articles for publication.

Wakefield Morris Dancers

I worked with Wakefield Morris Dancers for 7 months as their Press Officer between October 2013 and April 2014. I have an extensive portfolio of work from this project, including succesful Facebook and Twitter campaigns, flyers and posters created using InDesign and regular blog posts.


Soon to be filled with examples of my other work from my time at The University of Huddersfield.


Ramble with me

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