Updates from the Gaming Girl

Well, May has come and gone, and I still didn’t post any updates. I’ve been settling back in at home, and getting myself a job, so I’ve only just got time to get back to updating this really. I’ve got a big list of things to post about, but it’s just a case of finding the time.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I graduated on Monday, and I’ve somehow managed to net myself a first-class degree in Journalism from uni, which I’m pretty damn pleased about. So I’m trying my best at the moment to put that to good use by applying for as many jobs as I can find really. That should mean that I’ll be updating this more often as well. I’m going to try my best, in between working weird shifts and job applications, I’m going to try to play as many games as I can (new and old) and keep my ponderings updated.

Speaking of games, I have such a huge back catalogue of games now thanks to PS+ that I’m even sure where to begin really. I’ve been really enjoying Tomb Raider on PS3, and also been scaring myself witless with Lone Survivor. It’s been nice to get such a variety of games to play for free, I really can’t sing the praises of PS+ any more.

In my down time I’ve been having a go at Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga, which I’m not overly in love with. I was expecting it to be more like Persona than it is, but I think I need to give it some time. I’ve currently had a bit of a rage quit from it, but I hope to get back on track with that in the coming weeks.

I’m planning on buying a couple of games I missed out on as well, including Assassins Creed Black Flag, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of The Sims 4 and Tales of Xillia 2 (once I’ve finished the first one…).

So, in the upcoming weeks/months, I’ll be posting my ponderings on a lot of things really. Also, apologies to anyone who missed my E3 live stream this year. I was just way too tired after moving back home, generally sorting out the house, and I just wanted to watch E3 in all its glory for the first time in several years. I’ll post a belated E3 pondering soon as well.

Long Time, No See

It’s been two months since I last updated this blog. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Believe me, updating this is one thing I really do want to do, however, I finish university on May 7th, and that is consuming my time at the moment, understandably. Along with having very little time to update, I am saving up to move down to London with my other half at the moment, which is eating into my gaming fund.

I just thought I would take this opportunity to do a quick update about where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and my general gaming ponderings at the moment.

This Christmas just gone wasn’t a heavily gaming based one for a change. My parents bought me a PS Vita, which I absolutely love, but due to the financial situation I’ve only been able to download the PS+ games; I don’t actually own a physical copy of a PS Vita game yet. I’m not even sure which ones to buy to be honest, because I’ve just been sucked in by all the PS Store sales, so I have Spelunky and Hotline Miami that I’ve actually purchased. Oh, and FFIX, but I just couldn’t resist the Square Enix sale. Ironic that the PS Vita Slim is announced just as I get the original, but to be perfectly honest, I’m glad I’ve got the original. The Slim doesn’t really appear to add anything else, aside from £’s.


Aside from that, my gaming time has been very scarce. Lightning Returns has been released, and I have to say I’m quite glad I don’t have time for it at the moment, because it looks terrible. It’s almost like Square Enix have thrown away everything that made Final Fantasy good. I can’t believe they’ve taken such a bad character and made her the focal point of a terrible trilogy. It’s received some terrible reviews from the public and the critics. All I can say is, bring on FFX/X-2 HD next month.


I’m still waiting for Bravely Default to drop in price, but again, I probably won’t be getting hold of this until May time. Bravely Default looks to be the JRPG of the year so far, but it’s early days.


That’s it from me for now. As I said, May 7th is my final deadline, and I’m optimistic I’m going to graduate my Journalism course with at the very least a 2:1. It’s been a tough three years, and I’ve neglected this blog a lot in favour of my degree, but I hope that what I’ve learnt I will be able to transfer to here, and start making this blog as great as I want it to be. If you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing/ranting about until I return in May, then follow me on Twitter @Debus42. Is there anything you want me to write about upon my return? Let me know in the comments. I’ll try to post before then, but I can’t promise anything.

Xbox 720 Won’t Play Second Hand?

So my boyfriend told me about this the other night. I know, I shouldn’t have to be told about these things, but as I’ve said before, I really don’t have time for anything aside from uni work at the moment. I don’t know if this is 100% sollid yet, or if it’s still just a rumour from a ‘source’, but here are my thoughts and feelings on this.


I’ve always been an avid buyer of second hand games. Not because I don’t want to buy new, I just can’t afford to at the moment. If I had enough money to buy every single game I wanted on release date, well, I’d be living a life of luxury. Instead, I’m a student. I’ve missed out on Ni No Kuni and Dead Space 3 because I simply don’t have time to play them. I may have the money to buy them at the moment, but by the time it gets to the end of March and my funds are stretched, I’ll end up looking at those plastic wrapped cases and thinking ‘Why?’. But that’s just me.

I’m no industry expert, but I really don’t see the reason why second hand games are such a threat. I get it, they want more new sales, but a second hand sale is like free advertising. I’m sure there are many people out there, like me, who have gone into a Game, or a HMV and looked through the second hand games and picked up something really good. From that point on you might decide that you want to keep an eye out for the next instalment. By the time the next game comes out in that series, or by that company, you might decide you want to get it on the day of release. There you go, an extra sale you might not have got before.

Removing the second hand market also alienates a massive portion of potential consumers. Kids with their pocket money can’t afford £40 games. Casual gamers aren’t going to buy as extensively as the more hardcore of us. Hardcore gamers will play, sell, purchase and play. I’ll admit, I find it hard to part with games and I rarely sell them, but if there’s something I really want I’ll trade in a couple of games and get maybe £10 off a new game.


What about services like LoveFilm? They offer games to rent. That kills part of their market in one hit. I know a lot of people who rent games from LoveFilm because either they don’t want to pay for the full game, or they just want to have a little dabble.

I understand that the industry needs as much money as it can to keep going, and to keep making awesome games, but this really isn’t the way forward in my opinion. It’s like Microsoft wants the high street to die. It’s like they want to alienate their customers and force them to spend money they don’t have. I remember when the PS3 first came out and they were charging £50 for a single game. Two PS3 games would have put you back £100. That’s just scary. I picked up three second hand games for £60 several months back. I wanted some new games, I couldn’t afford to buy them new so I looked for second hand.

I don’t know, this has gone a bit rambly, but in summary; Don’t kill the second hand games market Microsoft, that’s really not very nice of you.


Dead Space 3 Preview

Nursery rhymes sung by the ghost of your dead girlfriend, and disfigured aliens jumping from air vents. If any of the above rings a bell, then you must know that Dead Space 3 is making its way to you very soon, complete with guns and very hungry monsters. The only difference is, this time you’re going to have a partner in crime.


There has been a running theme in Dead Space, and the third title in the series looks to explore this theme further; dementia. Isaac Clarke is a tough cookie, but seeing the ghost of your dead girlfriend everywhere you look, and being constantly harassed by aliens who want to devour your limbs is enough to drive anyone to partial insanity.  Throw in the alien markers, which are designed to do just that, and Isaac’s brain is probably a pile of mush.  At any moment he could just sit himself in the corner of the room, and start rocking back and forth like a baby.

This entry in the series sees Isaac embark on perhaps his biggest and most terrifying mission ever. He still hasn’t uncovered the secret of the necromorphs, or what on earth is going on with that evil marker, but as he traipses across the universe, he’s looking for answers, even if those answers might make him lose his mind even more, or perhaps get him killed for good. Perhaps it is good then that Isaac is to be joined by another human being this time, someone else to share the crazy with.

Dead Space has always been about survival, about being alone. Anyone who played Dead Space 2 will remember the slight feeling of ‘no, that’s not right’ as the game introduced other characters into the mix. Sure, you hardly ever got to actually interact with them as they were always conveniently trapped behind a pane of glass, in complete and utter peril, but they were still there, removing some of that element that survival horror fans live off.

Dead Space 3 takes it one step further however, and introduces an actual co-op partner, and this time he’s not behind an unbreakable pane of glass. Sergeant John Carver joins you on your journey through the deadly ice planet of Tau Volantis.


I can hear all survival horror fans booing at the very thought of having a co-op partner in Dead Space. ‘But they ruined Resident Evil with co-op!’ I hear you cry. Fear not my die-hard survival horror fans, for co-op is merely an option in Dead Space 3. If you would rather go it alone, then Isaac will plod on, his brain full of alien marker nonsense, and will likely have his limbs dragged through air vents upon many occasions.  However, if you do decide to go it alone you will miss out on some interesting plot developments that both Isaac and Carver go through during their time with each other.

If you do decide to give co-op a quick bash, you can opt to play as Carver, instead of playing as Isaac. This will no doubt bring an entirely new element to the game, which some will find interesting.

Another potential risky element that has been added this third installment is the built-in Kinect features. Once again I can hear the anti-Kinect fans foaming with rage in the back of my head, screaming that Kinect simply won’t work in Dead Space. Calm yourselves my friends, as it is only voice recognition that is being utilized here, arguably the only real use for Kinect, but that’s for an entirely different story.

Weapon crafting will also take an entirely new route, allowing you to make your own unique weapons. You can first select your frame, lightweight for swifter combat, or heavy duty for a much harder punch. You can then choose your upper tool, the main piece of destruction dealing, and then your upper adaptor, picking the way in which your projectiles will be fired. Add various other elements to your weapon for a truly unique creation, much more interesting than simply upgrading what you already have.


For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, a demo for Dead Space 3 will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the PSN on January 22nd.

Dead Space 3 will be released on February 8th, 2013, and even though it’s taking an entirely different route than before, it’s a must for any fan of this seriously scary series.