My picks from the PlayStation Retro sale

PSN are doing some pretty amazing sales at the moment. If you read my last post, you will see that I purchased quite a few games from the Rising Star 10th anniversary sale. I traded in my old Xbox 360 at CEX and got a £47 credit voucher after buying a few games in store, so I decided to get myself £50 worth of PSN credit once I saw all the sales. So it would be rude not to grab a few things from the retro sale. Here’s what I’ve got my eye (and wallet funds) on:

Grandia (£3.29/£2.96 PS+)

Grandia is an absolute classic JRPG in my opinion, and even though I already have it on PS1, I might just get it on the PS Vita for a bit of portable JRPG magic when I’m travelling to and from London. If you love JRPGs and you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this, get it. You won’t regret it. The characters are likeable, and the battle system is classic. It would be nice if Grandia 3 would appear in the UK now though…


Pandemonium/Pandemonium 2 (£1.49/£1.34 PS+ each)

Both of these games bring back childhood memories. They are memories of love and irritation, as Pandemonium is not an easy game to play. I remember the hours of frustration, but there’s something about them that makes me want to give them another go, and at that price I can hardly say no.


Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (£1.69/£1.52 PS+)

This is probably my favourite racing title of all time. Again, I already own this on PS1, but it’s one of those titles I wouldn’t mind buying again. As I type this, I have the opening song in my head. It looks so dated now, but I remember the hours of fun I used to have playing this. Along with the hours of frustration when I attempted to ride the completely uncontrollable bike.

Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (2CD) (SCPS-10018-9) (Front)

Klonoa Door to Phantomile (£1.69)

Klonoa is another classic game that brings back childhood memories like Pandemonium. Klonoa is a weird bunny type…thing. Judging from his character design, he’s taken a few cues from Sonic & co. Regardless, it would be nice to play as this little fluff ball of frustration again.


Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (£3.99/£3.59 PS+)

That’s a pretty amazing price for an entire series, and the Spyro series is really enjoyable. I think I still have all these on disk somewhere, but I can’t be bothered to rifle through the memory cards I have to find some empty space when I can just play them on the PS3/Vita. It seems like only yesterday I was playing these actually, so we’ll see if I get a nostalgia hit.


Now the only problem I have, is that storage on my 500GB PS3 is rather lacking, and I need to take out a small loan for a bigger memory card for my PS Vita…

All of these games are on sale until 12am GMT 25-09-2014. The full list of games can be found here. Which games are you going to be picking up?


I want my JRPG

After a quick scour through the years upcoming releases I have noticed a distinct lack of something. What is lacking is also one of my favourite things; The JRPG. IGN tells me that there are 3 pages worth of RPG’s coming out this year. Excellent! Until I start to look through what is apparently on offer. There are of course the usual suspects like Mass Effect 3 and the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am honestly not interested in either of these though. Sure, FFXIV is coming to the PS3 at the end of the year, but i’m not really a MMORPG girl, and I most certainly do not want to play a below par MMORPG.

Look! Over there! Nintendo is running away with all the JRPG's!

Okay okay, so it’s not like there aren’t any JRPG’s coming out at all. I am very mcuh looking forward to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Radiant Historia, both on the DS, but that’s the problem; None of these are coming to the main consoles. I remember playing Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 and I was blown away. I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on Dragon Quest IX! Then, it came out on the DS. Yeah it was good fun, but it was also a multiplayer game, not a single player JRPG. And now there is yet another Dragon Quest game coming to the DS. What is so wrong with putting these onto the main consoles? There are loads of JRPG’s for the Wii, but I honestly do not enjoy the Wii so I am even put off by the new Zelda game being released on it, and I adore everything Zelda related.

Too often recently have I been feeling that all I want to do is plug in my PS1 or PS2 and just experience some of my old favourites. I am currently playing through FFX again on the PS2 and loving every minute of it, as well as still having Persona 3 FES and PErsona 4 to work my way through. Instead of playing the latest releases I think i’d rather play through Dark Chronicle again, or even the first two Shadow Hearts games.  Lets be honest, all of the above are so much better than the atrocity that was Final Fantasy XIII.

In a bid to keep myself amused last night I actually dug out the original Grandia on the PS1 and played on that for several hours before bed. Graphics are not really a big thing for me, but this game from 1997 still looks stunning as ever in my opinion. It’s not 3D rendered CGI, but so what? It has incredible characters, a really fun battle system and an excellent levelling and skill system. They certainly don’t make them like that anymore.

Bring me back the JRPG! Bring me back over the top summon spells, ridiculous characters and turn based combat. Call me stuck in the past, but it’s what I enjoy. The more the JRPG has progressed, the worse they have become. I just want to be excited by a plot again. I want to be excited by characters and want to actually grind for a purpose.

I hope I will be able to take back everything in this little ramble at a later date, but i’m not too optimistic on that front. Are there any JRPG’s I might have missed?