Summer 2013 Wishlist

Seeing as I am resigned to university work until pretty much the end of April, that leaves very little time for gaming. I’ve missed several games already, and I’m going to be missing a lot more. So to depress myself even further, I thought I would make a little wishlist for the summer. I intend on buying these games in bulk, sitting in my bedroom and playing them for hours, if not days on end.

Ni No Kuni

The JRPG nerd in me craves this so bad. Ghibli and Level-5 is just nerdgasm inducing. I’ve seen mixed reviews on it, but I still want it in my life. It’s got a lot to compete with after Tales of Graces f, but I trust that Level-5 can at least go on par with Namco Bandai to give us something truly amazing. The graphics look amazing, but I do have to say I found the demo fiendishly difficult. Whether that’s because it was all out of context I don’t know, but I found it frustraingly difficult, and I haven’t even finished the demo because of it.


Dead Space 3

My Dad has already been on the phone to me, telling me how amazing Dead Space 3 is. As if I needed to be told. The demo really disappointed me, but only because I had seen it already. Sure it was scary, and yeah, the new weapons system was really amazing, but I had seen it all before so it kind of dampened it a bit for me. Regardless though, I’m still excited about getting Dead Space 3 firmly into my hands, and I can’t wait to get back into the twisted head of Isaac Clarke. Probably one to be played during the day though. I fear I may wake up the whole house if I play it at my usual night time hour.


Assassins Creed 3

I know, I’m really late to the party on this one, but I’m just so glad that Ezio has finally been laid to rest that I can’t help but feel excited about this game. There is undoubtedly a sense of scepticism, but that’s only due to it being in a new location and with a new character. More than anything I just want to know what on earth is going on in this game and if we’re ever going to get a solution to the weird things that keep happening.


Bioshock Infinite

Words don’t really describe my excitement about this game. I loved both Bioshock games so far, but I think it’s great that they’ve moved away form Rapture. A world so twisted and amazing can only be done so many times. Again though, there is a little bit of scepticism in my brain, but only because I love the series so damn much. The story looks just as gritty as previous efforts, and the powers look more amazing than ever before. There is no way this game can’t be good, right?


So those are my top four games that I really want at the moment. If I could freeze time and buy them all without having uni work nagging at me, then I definitely would. Another Kairosoft game has popped up on the Google Play store, but it’s only in Japanese at the moment. It looks awesome though, and hopefully better than Dream House Days. Ninjas have got to be a good premise, there’s no way they can fail with that. As long as they keep away form in app purchases!

The tax man also sent me a letter today telling me that he wants to give me a tax rebate, so that might help when it comes down to buying all of these games (and many more) at the end of April. I’m attending a family wedding the week after I finish university for the year, so it’s going to have to be a week of gaming, then a week of weddings and being on holiday, and then back to gaming. With all these great releases coming up, it’s very tempting to bring my Xbox to the wedding with me and hook it up to the TV at the B&B. We shall see…



Ponderings on Dream House Days

I’m a terrible blogger. I know that, and I grovel at your virtual feet. I’m such a terrible blogger, that I am writing this in my only spare time, and that just so happens to be when I am babysitting.

I hit 20k hits the other day, and had a big blog post planned, but then life happened and I never got round to it. In fact, I think it was a week ago today that I got 20K. But yes, I hit 20K on my blog and I am damn proud. I’ve been going with this blog for nearly three years, and I know I’m in a niche so every hit is awesome in my eyes.

But what have I been doing gaming wise? Well, I’ve been back at uni for three weeks, so my life has been taken over with education again. There are so many games that I want in my life right now, but I simply don’t have the time. At least the positive flip to that is the games will be cheaper by the time I do get round to playing them. I had started on the post main story arc in Tales of Graces f, but then I started at uni and a JRPG is the last thing I need to be taking up my time with.

I had a quick look at episode 1 of The Walking Dead on XBLA. As much as I enjoyed the story and appreciated the gameplay, I’m not convinced about it enough to part with money for the rest of the episodes. It was very much like Heavy Rain, which I enjoyed very much, but I think it was just a little bit too clunky for me, in terms of the controls. I’ll wait and see if they put a good offer on them, or if I get some spare money in, as I would like to see how they pan out, and I do like games where you decisions very litterally affect the rest of the game.


I’ve also been playing a new Kairosoft game. Dream House Days is one of the games I was looking forward to being released, but it’s still missing something like Beastie Bay was. Both were free to play, and you only had to pay to remove ads, but then they want more money if you actually want to make any progress. I can’t believe for one second that Kairosoft aren’t making enough money from their app sales, so I think this is kind of unnecesary. It makes me resent paying for the game. None of the previous games had in-app purchases, so why do these? It just kind of destroys it for me in a way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game, but as I said with Beastie Bay, I don’t play it as much as I do with the others, and I think it’s the in-app purchases that are putting me off. I love building the houses, and moving different people in, and getting different jobs and residents having children etc, but it’s just dampened with the demand for extra money. I’ll finish it soon and see if it’s any better second time around, but for now I’m on the fence.


And that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to do to be honest. I really badly want Ni No Kuni, but I feel as though I need time to dedicate to that. I can’t just dip in and out of a game like Ni No Kuni. There are still games from 2012 I want to play, but I think that will have to be for the summer. Maybe this year I won’t lose my job due to floods, and I’ll actually have some money. What’s on your list of games to play for the next few months?

Rising from the dead for Christmas

Well, my deadlines are finally over, and that means I can actually update my blog again after a very stressful month. I’m not gonna lie though, there’s probably very little chance of me updating that much.

In terms of gaming, I haven’t actually had time to do much to be honest. I’ve only just had the opportunity this past week to catch up on all my gaming news, previews and reviews. Sitting down to read my GamesTM magazine was a bizarre thrill. After reading up on Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space 3 it’s safe to say I am incredibly excited about both of them. Even though Dead Space 3 is taking an entirely new route with the co-op, it still looks pretty damn terrifying. Bioshock Infinite excites me because the world is actually alive this time. From what i’ve seen and heard of Infinite, it looks as though we are going to be witnessing the rapid decline of Columbia, as opposed to walking into a wrecked city full of spliced up lunatics.


Classic Bioshock, with a twist

I downloaded the demo for Ni No Kuni for PS3 the other day, but I’m a little bit disappointed to be honest. The demo has two sections to play, but both pretty much just entail boss battles. I was expecting more of an introduction to the story (especially since it was a 2.7GB download), but I’m still planning on getting the game when it comes out. A Ghilbi-animated game from Level-5? What isn’t to love?

A Ghibli JRPG? I'm sold

A Ghibli JRPG? I’m sold

I’ve been replaying Cafeteria Nipponica while I wait impatiently for a new translated Kairosoft game on Google Play, and about a week ago The Pyraplex became available. Of course I jumped on that as soon as I could and have played it twice already, the second time I played through it on the way to and from London to see the man. I’m still hoping, because I’m greedy, that there will be another one out in time for Christmas. Looking at the Japanese website just made me crave more Kairo goodness.

Not the best, but it passes the time

Not the best, but it passes the time

Anyway, it’s Christmas in a few days and I am excited, but also kind of not feeling like it’s that close. I have all my presents from family in my hometown under my little Christmas tree in my room, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s happening on Tuesday. Here’s to hoping there’s a few games hidden inside some of that shiny wrapping paper.

Expect the obligatory Christmas post with lots of pictures, and a merry Christmas to all my readers.

Sitting on the Fence with Beastie Bay

This will come as a surprise to most of you, but when I first downloaded Kairosoft’s Beastie Bay I was more than a little disappointed. First of all, it was free. Am I crazy to want to pay for something? Maybe, but it just didn’t feel right to have a Kairosoft game crawling with random in game adverts. When I realised I could pay for it though, I did. I think it cost me £2.49 and although I am not enjoying it as much as previous games, it is still worth the money. Here are my thoughts;

The first thing to be noted about Beastie Bay is that it is pretty much a Pokemon look-a-like. There is no other way to describe it. That was my first disappointment. I like Pokemon, but I don’t really think that Kairosoft should attempt something like this. Pokemon is too big to be challenged, and it just doesn’t work. Anyway, that was my first issue.

My second issue is that the game just takes too damn long to get anywhere. I don’t know if this is one of those Kairosoft games that you have to play through several times to actually get a sense of satisfaction, but for a game that lasts 6 years when the usual is 14-16, Beastie Bay is a really long drag. Everytime I think I’m getting somewhere a steep difficulty curve crops up and I have to wait for all my food and wood to build up before I can even consider carrying on. It’s frustrating.

Somehow though it keeps me coming back for more. I don’t play it as obsessively as other Kairosoft games, but the love is still there. There is the tourist management, there is the building aspect and there is the levelling aspect that I love in a little RPG. It’s pretty to look at too. The monster designs are funky, if not entirely original, and there is a challenge in building the right team for the right mission. The map is a collection of brightly coloured pixels, but that’s what Kairosoft games are all about, that retro beauty.

Beastie Bay is charming, but flawed

Beastie Bay is charming, but flawed

Beastie Bay isn’t a bad game, it just suffers from a slow pace and a slightly worn out game play style. It’s one of Kairosoft’s least original attempts in my opinion, and could really have done with something a little bit extra to make it as wonderful as their other works.

I think Kairosoft have taken a slight step backwards with Beastie Bay. I can’t see the fans really lapping it up as much as everything else. I shall reserve my final judgements until I have played it a few times though. Until I decide if the slow burn remains that way, then I shall not having too much of a damning view of it.

What do other Kairosoft fans think to it?

The end of the drought

I’ve gone quiet again, but simply because I’ve actually been having an enjoyable end to my summer. After losing my job in July I’ve been scrimping every penny and not really going anywhere so I could have a nice week with my boyfriend before going back to uni. It was tough, but I did it and I feel so much better after having a week of eating out pretty much every night, and general geekery. I managed to acquire some new shoes (Converse All Star), and a rather shiny Limited Edition box set of the Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) anime from the boyfriend too, so all in all it was a good week.

Anyway, onto the gaming. The summer of drought is finally nearing its end, and I really haven’t done much gaming at all. I spent a lot of time the past few weeks playing Oh! Edo Towns and Venture Towns on my phone as they had just come to Android. I really enjoyed them both but they Venture Towns was especially difficult to progress on my initial play through. I’ve played both several times though, and I adore building games so I was so addicted. I think one day last week I was sat in bed with the boyfriend playing Venture Towns, as he played GT5 on the PS3. Ah, two geeks gaming together.

Moving on, I was deeply disappointed and rather annoyed that Persona 4 Arena was delayed without me even being informed by Amazon. Instead I was merely told there was a problem with them getting stock from the supplier, so I raged about that for quite some time. It’s meant to be getting shipped out today, but I can see it being delayed again, leaving me with no time to play it before I go back to university. There’s nothing worse than a delayed release date on the initial day of release.

This artwork is beautiful, fullstop

This artwork has always been appealed to my morbid taste

I’m getting more and more excited for Borderlands 2. Just entered into a competition to win a copy of the Ultimate Loot Chest edition of the game, so keep your fingers crossed for me! It looks stunning, and I just hope that they’ve maintained the humour of the Claptraps and the general insanity of the characters. If I don’t win though, I’ll have to hope my student loan has come through so I can get it when I go back to uni.

And now that I am have checked my Amazon order, I am raging over the fact that I think Persona 4 Arena has been delayed AGAIN without Amazon notifying me. This calls for some camp, beautiful anime. I promise some more updates very soon once the games start rolling in again, and when things aren’t so busy.

Yes, it is as camp as it looks, and it's amazing

Stunning artwork, whacky story, perfection