Ponderings on DmC

I’ve gone back to playing Dmc over the past couple of days. I kind of lost my motivation for playing any games after finishing Ni No Kuni. JRPGs always really take it out of me, and it’s like I need to have a cooling off period before I can really get back into any games at all.

Anyway, before DmC even came out I was still sitting firmly on the fence with it. It received some good reviews, and a reboot is without doubt exactly what the series needed. However, I get the feeling that it’s swayed a little bit too much away from the original concept. I can be quite fussy when it comes to my games at times.

My main issue with the game is this; I don’t think it knows what it wants to be. It’s very highly stylised, but it’s missing some of the charm of the original. I know it’s a reboot, but it’s still got the same characters, and the same basic story elements to it. It just feels like they wanted to make something so very different that they lost the very essence of what Devil May Cry is all about. The missions feel really short to me, and it all seems a bit random and disjointed. The story is very basic, I think, but it also feels so rushed that you don’t really know what’s going on sometimes.


Boss battles are decent, but a little inconsistent and sometimes a bit too weird

I don’t find DmC to be as creepy as the original series, and I can’t put my finger on why that is. It appears to be focusing a lot more on the grotesque rather than the eerie. I’ve only faced a handful of bosses, and even those weren’t exactly challenging, they were more an excuse to show off some of the grotesque character models and the highly stylised theme they were going for.

I do have to say in its defence that I think the battle gameplay is far more user-friendly than it ever was in the past. I’m not one to go for combos in Devil May Cry, I much prefer to just bash whatever buttons I feel like, and if it looks cool and gets me a decent battle rank, then even better. The amount of weapons at your disposal help this a lot actually, and the ways enemies respond to these weapons is interesting as well. Certain enemies can only be defeated with ‘angel’ weapons, and the same goes for those who can only be defeated by ‘demon’ weapons. Both styles have their merits in battle, and it really does encourage you to shake things up in order to get the best score.


Battles are always fun when you can experiment with so many weapon combinations

In all honesty, I do like DmC, I just don’t love it. I reach the end of a mission and find myself thinking ‘Was that it?’ and I find myself not really caring about the characters, as well as feeling as though the story is in such a hurry to progress I never really get to delve into the details of what is going on, and why. Dante is not a likeable character, but I can deal with that. It’s an action game, but even the best action games need a better thread of plot. I can only hope that the ending ties all the loose ends up, and maybe will encourage me to invest in DLC.