Obsession or appreciation?

I’m a sucker for a decent RPG, and I think I have mentioned upon many occasion that the Persona franchise has become one of my favourites. Where Final Fantasy has started to fail me, Persona has combined my love of life simulation and RPG mechanics beautifuly.

It could be said that I have perhaps taken my love a step too far though. If you follow the Persona series, you will no doubt know that there are prety much three different versions of the game. There is the original, then there is Persona 3 FES which introduces an entirely new game mode & the abitility to port your character information from the original, and now there is Persona 3 Portable which, as the name dictates, is the portable version of Persona 3 on the PSP that allows you to play as a girl for the first time. Playing as a girl has never been important to me in gaming. It’s nice to have the choice, but playing as a sword wielding beefcake is fine by me too. I’m going off the point now though.

Three versions of a game are all very well, but surely you only need one copy, right? Wrong. I need all three in my collection.

In my defence, the portable version was only £30 for the collectors edition and that is something else I can’t help but love.; bonus stuff. I like free stuff that comes with games. I got a poster, an art book & some postcards and the artwork of Persona has always been something I have adored. Being the huge anime nerd I am, on top of being a massive gaming geek, any game that has anime style visuals is an instant winner (as long as it plays well).

I am also in posession of Persona 4, but this was not great in my opinion. Beautiful visuals, and interesting gameplay, but the whole time limit thing drove me a little loopy & the weather system was a bit too much of a pain. It’s typical Japanese though; put a ridiculous amount of obstacles in your way so you have to really use a lot of strategy to move forwards. The next Persona-esque game I would like to add to my collection though is definitely Catherine. I am unsure if this is actually going to be coming to England. I know it’s coming to America, but it might be a little too obscure & sexy for us uptight Brits to handle. Or at least that’s what PEGI will likely think.

We need a little more sexiness in our games that isn’t alien sex in Mass Effect. Lets show some more love for our Eastern neighbours and see some of the more obscure stuff over here so I can fully utilise my appreciation/obsession.