Updates from the Gaming Girl

Well, May has come and gone, and I still didn’t post any updates. I’ve been settling back in at home, and getting myself a job, so I’ve only just got time to get back to updating this really. I’ve got a big list of things to post about, but it’s just a case of finding the time.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I graduated on Monday, and I’ve somehow managed to net myself a first-class degree in Journalism from uni, which I’m pretty damn pleased about. So I’m trying my best at the moment to put that to good use by applying for as many jobs as I can find really. That should mean that I’ll be updating this more often as well. I’m going to try my best, in between working weird shifts and job applications, I’m going to try to play as many games as I can (new and old) and keep my ponderings updated.

Speaking of games, I have such a huge back catalogue of games now thanks to PS+ that I’m even sure where to begin really. I’ve been really enjoying Tomb Raider on PS3, and also been scaring myself witless with Lone Survivor. It’s been nice to get such a variety of games to play for free, I really can’t sing the praises of PS+ any more.

In my down time I’ve been having a go at Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga, which I’m not overly in love with. I was expecting it to be more like Persona than it is, but I think I need to give it some time. I’ve currently had a bit of a rage quit from it, but I hope to get back on track with that in the coming weeks.

I’m planning on buying a couple of games I missed out on as well, including Assassins Creed Black Flag, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of The Sims 4 and Tales of Xillia 2 (once I’ve finished the first one…).

So, in the upcoming weeks/months, I’ll be posting my ponderings on a lot of things really. Also, apologies to anyone who missed my E3 live stream this year. I was just way too tired after moving back home, generally sorting out the house, and I just wanted to watch E3 in all its glory for the first time in several years. I’ll post a belated E3 pondering soon as well.


September Wishlist

I love and loathe September. I love it because it’s that time of year where games are slowly starting to get drip fed to us, but I loathe it because I won’t have time due to going back to university. Nevertheless, I can still want games, and these are the games I want to pick up the most this month.

The Last Of Us

Okay, so this one came out a while ago, but that can’t stop me from wanting it this month, right? I played a little bit of this at a friend’s house when I was visiting family, and I have to say I liked what I saw. The whole zombie concept is getting a bit dull now in my opinion, but the enemy design in The Last of Us looks so unique that I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I check at least every other day to see if the price has gone down, but I’m still waiting. It’s frustrating that I haven’t been able to play many people’s Game of the Year yet, but I believe that it will happen soon.


Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

It was bound to make the list. If you don’t know of my love for Harvest Moon, I’m sure these next few sentences will make it clear. I’ve been playing the Harvest Moon series for probably 14 years or more. I apologise if that’s an over exaggeration, but my earliest memory of playing it was when I was on holiday in Jersey with my parents, and if I couldn’t go swimming in the pool, I was sat in the hotel room with my Gameboy/Gameboy Advance playing Harvest Moon. There’s something just so addictive about making sure your crops are watered, and making sure they don’t die. Nevermind Farmville, Harvest Moon is where it’s at.

Anyway, we’ve seen a few 3D Harvest Moon titles in the past, but for me they failed miserably for one simple reason; they were on home consoles. I could never get the hang of it, and they tried to make them into a little RPG at the same time, which I don’t like. However, A New Beginning looks stunning, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m sure that it will be battling for my love with Animal Crossing, and we’ll see who wins on that one.


Tales of Xillia

I know, this one came out in August, but I still want it, and the Tales Of series has become one of my favourites, I’ve got to say. It’s no Final Fantasy, but it’s a good alternative JRPG and they always have decent plots. I’ve noticed a problem with JRPGs on the PS3 though, and that’s that they’re too damn expensive, and they stay that way for quite some time. They’re like gold dust, especially the Atellier series which is far too expensive for the reviews they receive. Regardless, I’m not paying £44.99 for Tales of Xillia. I’m waiting for it to come down to around £30. It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth it, but if I bought every game I wanted at release price, I wouldn’t be able to eat.



I’ve been bitterly disappointed in GTA since Vice City if I’m honest with you. I found San Andreas to be dull, and I found IV to be frustrating, and also at times dull. I’m intrigued by the multi character layers in GTA 5, and it looks like they’ve really pushed the boat out this time. Not to mention the leaked map looks absolutely colossal. I truly do miss running around and causing chaos, and having three playable characters to do that with really excites me. Roll on September 17th.